3 Bodenhamer modded pedals: DS-1, SD-1 and CE-2


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Joe modded a Boss DS-1, SD-1 and a CE-2 chorus for me and gave me a hell of a deal (Thanks again Joe!).

DS-1: I got the “11” mod with optional diode switch. The diode switch decreases the gain a bit, but gives the pedal a bigger, fatter tone; IMO it becomes more amp-like. Flipped the other way the distortion is thicker and I swear I can hear/feel a little sag. The tone knob can go from warm to a very biting tone. I keep the gain around 3:30 and that matches my amp to a T. This pedal can totally hang with my amp’s distortion in terms gain, fullness, and tone. This is a good thing, but unfortunately it’s just TOO similar to my amp’s gain and I don’t use it that often. If I ever need to sit in anywhere and need my “rock tone” I know its right there in this one pedal.

SD-1: This pedal got the “Chaos/Guinness” mod with optional diode switch (to switch between the Chaos and Guinness mods) and the bleed fix mod. This is a very versatile pedal. Between the pure volume boosting power and raw gain of the Chaos mod and the smooth, singing overdrive of the Guinness mod I don’t have much OD pedal GAS these days… except for maybe an OCD. I use the pedal in Guinness mode with the level between 3:00 and full up, tone at noon, and the drive just barely on. These settings allow me to boost my Classic 50 into (near) high gain territory and make my solos and harmonics just sing. It also dirties up my clean channel just enough. This pedal actually has A LOT of gain for an OD pedal. There is definitely some crossover between this and the DS-1, but the SD-1 is just not a tight. It sounds great for big fat chords and rich, overdriven leads, but not full on heaviness. With the bleed fix mod I can crank the drive and get no trace of it when the pedal is off. Killer!

CE-2: This pedal is just amazing. Joe took what was great about the original CE-2 and made it better in every way. Its warmer, cleaner, the rate is improved, the depth is improved, and no matter where I set the two controls I love what I hear. I can even get a swirly, ALMOST Leslie type sound out of it. This is a very nice, very usable and very versatile chorus pedal.

If anyone has any old Boss pedals lying around, do not hesitate to send them off to Joe. He can give you high end sounding pedals at a fraction of the cost of the boutique stuff. He’s a great guy and will go to great lengths to make his customers happy. He even let me choose what color LEDs I wanted in each pedal!


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Anyone know what happened to this dude?

Seems like he's fucked over a few people and now his website is down too.


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http://acapella.harmony-central.com/for ... ?t=2314972

His myspace page is up and it looks like he was updating it last Tuesday (4/21). If anyone knows how to get a hold of him maybe you could help some good people out. One of his customers is out like 650.00 Australian - that's not cool at all.