'78 Marshall JMP 50W Jose 3in1 Mod


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Hi Guys,

Just finished up a full Jose mod in this 70s 50W JMP MKII.

It's got the added tube for the gain stage in front of the two channels with the option to add the 2nd half of the added tube in parallel to the input stage for more gain and a fatter tone, like in Steve Vai's Jose (push-pull pot on volume1 pot).
Then it's got the standard pull both on the volume2 pot. It has the Jose push-pull clipping master volume with a stereo push-pull pot.
On the back, it has a 3-way switch that switches in two different caps after the added stage for two smoother voicings.

Here's how it sounds


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That sounds incredible. Great tones and playing as usual, Eddy.
Sounds good but I like the crispier and more percussive attack of some of your others.

I do like the fatness of the Vai mode.
I think some of that's because I miced it slightly differently this time (off axis). In the room, it's got a good attack. That said, the 50W Jose are definitely quite a bit softer than most 100W I've done. This one is better than my own '82 2204 Jose though, which is why I removed the mod from that amp and am thinking about what to do with the amp now haha. Maybe a new high gain circuit + a clean channel...


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Perfection as always that just sounds incredible I need to get a hold of an amp and send it to you! Thanks for sharing🤘