80's Rock Gods then & now


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Donnie B.

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I wish beautiful women would just grow old gracefully and not destroy themselves with plastic surgery. I don't think many of the operations turn out well.
Agreed 100% man!

Sometimes I wonder if they even realise that they all tend to get the same look; you can spot it a mile off and it ain't purdy.

Donnie B.

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I think it's a bit of an illness for some. Especially the ones that made it big on looks/sex appeal.

You got two choices. Either stop attending all the high profile events or keep putting yourself
out there under the dozens of flashing bulbs.

And then there's the competition factor. It's gotta be like body-builders and roids.
If you don't do it you simply fall behind the pack.

Thank God for the rare ones who don't go completely nuts with it.

The Queen imo