'82 JCM800 2204 Jose Sound and Look


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Hi Everyone,

It's this time of the year again. Another few Jose obsessed weeks are behind me and I currently have 4 Marshalls with my Jose Mod here to play with.

I keep getting back to those mods and they never disappoint. I feel like with this mod, more than with almost any other, every amp sounds/feels quite different, so it's always a nice surprise to see how the amp responds to the mod.

I've had this 2204 for almost two years now, but compared to my other amps, I've never been that happy with it. After getting some pics and recordings of a buddy's real Jose modded 50W JCMs, I finally snapped and completely rebuilt the amp to those specs haha. I was really surprised when I first played it with the new mod, as it's easily among my favourite Jose Marshalls I've played. To my ears, it has more gain than the 100W Joses, which is also something that my buddy told me. (No matter the volume, same circuit, even matched the preamp voltages and swapped around the same tubes for comparison with a 2203, Super Bass, and 1959HW Jose Mod)

If you're thinking, "wtf are all those inputs for and why would you drill the amp for them if you're only using one of them", you're right, but I'm a sucker for authentic-looking Jose Mods, so here we are lol.

Hope you enjoy!



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They all sound great but that vintage dirty fingers in the LP is kicking some ass here imo.
Thanks! I actually swapped it for the Slash one again after this video haha. The Dirty Finger has some weird nasally thing going on and is less open sounding than the Slash one, while still being slightly harsher.