Amps you've gigged with


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Marshall JCM900SLX
Mesa Dual Rectifier
Diezel VH4
Diezel Herbert
Cameron HG Jose Mod Marshall JMP
Cameron Mod Bogner Uberschal
Fortin Cali Mod Marshall Super Lead


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The vast majority of my gigs were done with my old VHT Deliverance 60

Others include:

Carvin Legacy
Taurus THD450
VVT Simo-Plex
VHT Pittbull Classic
Yamaha THR10X+Fryette Powerstation


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I gigged with a lot of amps, but I will forever say my favorite tone was a Mesa .22+ with eq into a 4x12 with old g12-75. Through a good PA I could control the feedback like a violin, I miss that amp constantly.
SAME!! Loved my Studio and still the best live tone I had way back when. Such great amps really need to get another one..


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I'm not lying, right before I started the thread my wife asked me to list 10 amps
that I could guarantee would not show up.

A THR was #6. :ROFLMAO:

The bass amp model in the 10X is actually pretty incredible IMO (this was during a period where I was playing bass in a band)

Line out from the headphone jack > powerstation line in > cab = killer tonez

That was before I got my Taurus bass amp

Donnie B.

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My THR5 from years back. You can't beat them for what they are!



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I still have my lil THR10X; still love it. I had the THR100HD for a few years too, which is a rad amp but way different

Donnie B.

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I wish Yamaha had invested more in amps after the success of their DG line in the early 2000s
That stuff was ahead of its time and sounded amazing.
Allan Holdsworth was a big fan and Bramhall used one for the entire Waters tour.

Check out Snowy White and what has to be the funkiest Les Paul ever.

Ending of this song is epic concert rock 101. Whole DVD is great is your a Floyd fan.


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I only recollect gigging with 3 different rigs (with a plethora of different cabs & speakers)...
1988 JCM800 2210 (for 15 years)
JMP-1 w/Mesa power amp (for 2 years)
Modded JCM2000 DSL (since 2005)


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late 70's Marshall JMP master lead 50 watt (I miss this one a lot)
Marshall Jvm210H
Splawn Super Sport
I've owned 5150's and Mesa Mark's over the years but never gigged them.

Donnie B.

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JCM800 2210 (for 15 years)

Best kept secret of the entire JCM line imo. Nembrini makes a killer plug in of one.



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Tri-axis w/2:50 then 2:90
Road king mk 1
Splawn Nitro
Bogner 101b
Cameron CCV
Pittbull CLX
Pittbull UL
Lickliter modded JCM800
Peavey 6534+
Mesa mkiv
KSR Gemini
In chronological order:

Line 6 Spider III
Hughes and Kettner Puretone
Egnater Renegade
Diezel dmoll
Fender Supersonic 100 Combo
Hughes and Kettner Duotone
Carol Ann OD3R
Carol Ann Triptik
Fractal AX8
Two Rock Traditional Clean
Mesa Triple Crown 50
Two Rock Jet 22
Bogner 3534

Some epic amps in there, really regret selling the OD3R but very happy with the Bogner.


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The vast majority of my gigs were done with my old VHT Deliverance 60

Others include:

Carvin Legacy
Taurus THD450
VVT Simo-Plex
VHT Pittbull Classic
Yamaha THR10X+Fryette Powerstation
The deliverance is an amp I have a lot of interest in. How did you like the engl e530?


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Marshall JCM 800
Marshall JMP-1 > Mesa Strategy 500
Marshall JMP100
Mesa Triple Rectifier
Mesa Single Rectoverb
Mesa Triaxis > Mesa 2:90
Mesa Mark IV
Diezel Herbert
Diezel VH4

Special Ed

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Peavey Classic Hybrid
Marshall JCM800 2204
Mesa Boogie Express 5:25
PRS Archon 50
Swart Space Tone Atomic Jr.
Carr Super Bee

Began miking my amps with the Mesa. Have found the Swart and the Carr to be more than adequate for this old punk rocker.


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JCM 900 4501 combo straight up
Fender M80 Head into a Peavey 4x12 with the Sheffield speakers
Lee Jackson XLS-500 into Lee Jackson 4x12... don't know what speakers but it sounded GOOD
JCM-800 4210... worst amp I've ever had
Fender Blues Jr. into Avatar 1x12 open back cab with EVM-12L
Carvin X100B into Lee Jackson 4x12
Peavey VTM-60 into Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12
Peavey VTM-60 AND Ceriatone 18W TMB into G-Flex 2x12 (stereo)
VHT Pittbull Classic CLR Combo with Classic Lead 80s
Mesa Roadster into G-Flex with G12-K85s
Fryette UL into G-Flex 212 (loaded with G12K-85 and EVM-12L... bad mixture)
Fryette Sig:X into G-Flex 212 (loaded only with G12K-85s)

Most recently: Helix into QSC K10.2

Looking ahead once I'm back gigging, I'm hoping for Helix-->D-Moll-->G-Flex 212 G12K-85