Amps you've gigged with


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I've used quite a few over the years because I wanted to try many different amps:
-JCM 800 50W combo amp - I used this since I was a young teenager. Was a great amp, not particularly reliable but sounded good. It was stolen when it was sent in for repair.
-Peavey 5150 head and 412 for a number of years
-Mesa Rectoverb Combo
-Rivera 212 Combo - I forget which one
-A bunch of Line 6 Flextone combo amps which sucked when you turned them up
-Diezel Einstein head and 212
-Diezel Herbert head and 212
-Mesa Roadster head and 212
-EVH 5150III - all variations through the years
-Kemper power head
-JVM410HJS - should NOT have sold!
-Bogner XTC 101B - should not have sold!
-Friedman BE-50 head and 212
-JP-2C Limited head and 212

Current and happy with:
Hughes and Kettner Triamp Mk III
Bogner 212CB cab

Axe III into a pair of Friedman ASC-10s.
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In 25 years I've only had two different live rigs:

Boss GE-7 > Hughes & Kettner Access > Carvin T100 > ADA Split Stack
Ibanez Tube King > Randall 667 > Egnater Tourmaster 412A

Different OD pedals and digital effects at times, but the core pieces have been the same.


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My first 2 years playing the club circuit I used a Rocktron ProGap with a Marshall Valvestate 8004 power amp. I’m still stunned at how good that silly little solid state rig sounded in the room and through the PA. There are a few old recording floating around from early shows and it did the job. Then I started using my Mesa Mark III and used those til the bitter end.


This is in chronological order. I played gigs with almost every single one of these.

Sunn Beta Lead 4x10 combo
Roland JC 120 w/ Crate 2x12 cab
Music Man HD 130 w/ Fender 4x12
Mesa Boogie DC-10 2x12 combo
Mesa Boogie 2 chan Dual Rectifier w/ Orange 4x12
Soldano Hot Rod 100 w/ Soldano 4x12
Marshall JCM 800 w/ Soldano 4x12
Mesa Boogie DC-10 w/ Budda 1210 cab
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Red Bear MK 120 II
Marshall JCM 900
Engl Fireball
Voodoo Amps Witchdoctor
Mesa Boogie DC-5 (gray)
Marshall Superlead (1978)
Ampeg V-3 w/ matching 4x12
Laney AOR 100
Carvin X-100 B
Mesa Boogie Nomad 100
Mesa Boogie DC-10 w/ Mesa 4x12 half back
Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber
Marshall JTM 45
Budda Stringmaster
Budda SD 80
Orange Rocker 30
Sovtek MIG 50
Orange Rockerverb 100 w/Mojo Musical Supply 4x12
Epiphone Valve Standard combo
Marshall 36 watt clone
Marshall 1960B4x12
VHT 4x12
Marshall JCM 800 2204
Marshall 1960B 4x12
Mesa Boogie 2 channel Dual Rectifier
VHT G-100-S
Mesa Lonestar Classic head
Mesa DC-5
Hughes & Kettner Tube 50
Ampeg V-7
Peavey VTM 60
Budda Stringmaster
Budda Super Drive 80
Roccaforte Custom 80
Hiwatt Hi Gain 50 1x12 combo
Orange Rockerverb 100
Bogner Shiva (EL34) w/ matching Bogner 4x12
Bogner Ecstasy Classic :(
VHT Deliverance 120
Roccaforte Jenelle
Peavey Ultra 120
Splawn Nitro
Hughes & Kettner Triamp
Matamp Custom 120
Fryette Sig: X
Mesa Boogie F-30 1x12 combo
Orange Rockerverb 100
Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic
Mesa Boogie F-50 1x12 combo
Mesa Boogie DC-10 head
Budda Super Drive 30 head
Mesa Mini Rec w/Mesa 2x12 cab

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I have had lots of amps and rack gear but did all my gigs (that was years ago admittedly) with my 2203 half-stack. Simple set-up with a couple pedals that can do everything.


Holy crap. :)

Which rigs stand out the most to you?
I'm a big fan of the Mesa DC series for me and what I do. The Bogner Ecstasy Classic was also one of the best things that I have ever plugged in to. The Roccafortes were also amazing. The Jenelle would have been the perfect amp for me if the high gain channel had been the Custom 80 instead of the HG100.


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In the short 10 years I was gigging, in order:

Peavey XXL
Peavey XXX
Peavey 5150
Peavey 5150 II
Jet City 100H (used for 4 years exclusively)
Jet City 50H
Jet City 20H Friedman modded
Jet City Earhart (shelved the 100H right when I got this - used for about 5 years straight)
Jet City Amelia
Bogner Alchemist (had several, but only gigged with them 2 or 3 times)

Had a revolving door of amps until I landed the 100H lol.

That Alchemist had some damn good tone for what it was:



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I started with my Egnater Mod50 with VX and SL2 modules and a pedalboard. That quickly transitioned to a Digitech GSP1101 straight into the board in a 4 space rack bag. 1 trip load in :)
Sorry to post this here, noob on this forum. Ned, I have a Mesa 395 if you're still looking. I couldn't find a way to pm you direct. Send me a message if you're interested. Sorry for hijacking.

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Crate GX900
Crate GX2200
Crate 50w stealth
Peavey 6505+
Zoom Driver pedal into random clean amp
Bogner Rev 2
Hopefully my Monomyth Origin eventually.

Can't remember if there were others but out of all of these the most common and/or appreciated tone compliments I've gotten was from the Crate 2200 and the VHT Pitbull.

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There was definitely a time where buying, selling, and trading amps was almost as much fun as playing live shows. haha
For sure, I still have fun with it but lots of losses these days with 3rd party website fee hikes and untrustworthy people. Tbh after getting the Monomyth and deciding on which boost I like my GAS has slowed down quite a bit.


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5150 II

That’s the only amp I owned (still own) and gigged with a Gmajor 1 in the loop for a very long time. I’m thankful to be able to afford more these days.
In 25 years I've only had two different live rigs:

Boss GE-7 > Hughes & Kettner Access > Carvin T100 > ADA Split Stack
Ibanez Tube King > Randall 667 > Egnater Tourmaster 412A

Different OD pedals and digital effects at times, but the core pieces have been the same.
Hit a brother up when you let go of the access lol
Peavy Bandit 65 (I had no money)
Silverface Twin Reverb (borrowed from my bassist at the time because I still had no money)
Carvin 100 Watt head, whatever it was called (still no money)
Marshall JMP-1 with MosValve power amp
Marshall JMP-1 with Marshall 9200 (5880 version) - this rig was killer but heavy AF with my Marshall 4x12
Bedrock BC-50 (I think) 2x12 combo
Matchless DC-30
Dr. Z Maj Jr 1x12 combo
Fargen Mighty Plex head
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Hmmm 🤔

Crate Blue Voodoo
Vox Valvetronix
Peavey JSX
Peavey 6505+
Dr Z Route 66
THD Flexi 50
Marshall JVM 410H
EVH 5150 III
Orange Rockerverb (mkI and mkiii)
Randall Thrasher
Mesa Dual Rec
Engl Savage
Revv 100P
Driftwood Purple Nightmare

I know I’m missing a lot, and there’s a whole bunch of cheap amps when I started playing little things here and there in my junior high days. But, there’s some.


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As far as I can remember and in no particular order:

Marshall DSL 50
Bogner Shiva
Splawn Nitro
Peavey JSX
Fender Pro 1000
Egnater Tourmaster 212 Combo
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I was gigged with 5150II forever . Then the tone became too common among metal bands so I been using a Herbert mk 1 forever now mixed with a Wizard MTL2 . Those 2 amps are my mail tone then I switch to an Mesa electrodyne for cleans .