Announcement: Welcome John Suhr from Suhr Guitars!

King Guitar

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Hey Guys,

In my new quest to bring you guys the best of the best tone gurus in the world, I am pleased to announce that John Suhr from Suhr Guitars will be joining us here on rig-talk with his own section in the manufacturers forums.

John and his crew will be a great resource for information on guitars, amps and tone in general. Please join me in welcoming Suhr Guitars to

That is all for now, more to come soon... :rock:
Thats great news. I am a proud owner of a OD100SE+. John offers so much knowledge.
Welcome aboard John. :rock:
Awesome. I have two Suhrs and absolutely love them! With Egnater and now Suhr all of my tone needs are met here at Rig-Talk!
That is GREAT. John is a phenomenal resource and very knowledgeable and a SUPER cool guy too. Yes, I own some of his products, and LOVE them.