BBE Green Screamer O/D pedal!!!


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ok,guys.....i'll be one the first to post on this cool new addtl section to our beloved rig-talk forum...long story-short,i bought a BBE Green Screamer O/D pedal,back a few months ago and simply love it.i dont believe that i've ever posted anything about it on this forum,so here goes...well,the o/d pedal is really a great item.i had been without any kind of o/d pedal for some years and really had forgotten how wonderful a GOOD o/d pedal can be & the great things it can do to make an "ok" amp much better and turn a good amp into a great,for under $90 bucks,you get a great deal with this BBE pedal.the tone is VERY nice.once activated,the pedal enhances the amp's natural tone ever so slightly,but remains pretty transparent.this o/d pedal doesnt have a big loss in low-end,typically associated with your older TS9 pedals.there's a real sweet mids tweak to it and it compresses nicely & naturally.the construction of the pedal seems to be real solid.the on/off switch is a "true bypass".about the only downside is that there is an audible "pop" from the pedal when activating it,but it's not a big deal.also,the pedal comes with an a/c adaptor included,which is nice too.i've turned on a few fellow guitarists to the BBE Green Screamer pedal and they've all liked it alot & keep on using,for the money,it's a pretty sweet deal on a really good o/d pedal.sure,there's probably better o/d pedals out there for alot more money,but all-in-all,this one "does the trick" just fine.try out the BBE Green Screamer & see for yourself. :yes: