Best customer support


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I know most people in this forum won't be surprised by this, but Peter has proven once again that he has the best customer support ever. My Herbert was acting weird and humming, and Peter was able to diagnose the problem from my clumsily written email and give specific guideline for the amp repair. Truly fantastic customer service, thank you so much good sir! And keep making amazing amps :)


This is why I bought a VHX without a second thought, even though I'm in Canada and there are no dealers around to be able to try one in person. Just from reading all the many posts on this forum over the years, I knew if I had any questions or issues, Peter would be on it, or in my case, Leo as well for the most part. I ordered from Germany as it was much cheaper to import to Canada from there than it would have been from the USA, so when I had issues with the step-up transformer I had pumping out about 30v more than it should have, Peter sent me the service manual which has a section for converting the amp from 230v to 120v for use over here and Leo helped with a ton of other questions I had along the way regarding that process and other things. Even gave me some settings to try out. Never been more stoked on an amp or happy with the level of engagement from a company.


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I'm in a similar situation as Wyvern, as there are no dealers offering much Diezel gear in Australia, let alone a VHX. I imported mine direct from Germany too and it was an extremely easy and fast process, plus the end cost was way under what I would have paid locally from a dealer due to my single purchase and no overheads.
Due to the distance and money outlay, plus the 30 day store return aspect not really being feasible from here, I peppered Leo with endless questions before the purchase, and after, and received amazing support and advice the entire time.
The amazing and personal support makes me feel like a part of the larger Diezel family, something that seems so rare and faceless in todays age. I own a Hagen and a VH4 and have always enjoyed the same support if I had any slight issues I needed advice for.


2 months of problems!
Retubes, getting my tubes checked, it all got to expensive.

I send Leo a DM and he helped me out. Turns out V3 preamp tube was the problem!!!

Saturday night and Sunday night he helped me out, how’s that for some service!!!!