Best dual stage OD pedal for JTM45?

ok right now I'm using an OCD for the bulk of the gain and an eden analog austin overdrive for the clean boost.

the amp is setup fairly clean but the OCD doesn't quite take me to where I want to be with the gain. It's lacking a little of the saturation I'm after and it's not until I kick on the eden pedal that the sound tightens up to where I want it.

Is there a good high gain dual function pedal that can let me basically leave the clean boost on but not have it inserted into the signal until I hit the other switch to turn the pedal on?

Basically something that I can go from totally clean to both overdrive and boost engaged with 1 pedal switch?

The other option I'm considering is one of the fx loop switch boxes that I could just plug both pedals into and use the switch box's 1 switch to swich both the pedals in/out of the signal.

As far as pedals go, I'm lookign at the AMT's, the blackstar HT dual and the visual sound double trouble or jeckyl and hyde. The visual sound pedals look like their switches are close enough together that I could hit both at once (which would techincally work) but not sure

But as far as the cheapest answer, I know that the fx loop on/off switch would be the best route. I'm just not 100% sold on the OCD for high gain use. The riot is more appealing from the clips I've heard so if I decide to get the fx loop switch, I may try a riot for the high gain.


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The Wampler Pinnacle 2 has been pretty good with my JTM 2x12 has a mid gain and a boost. You wouldn't need any other boost or gain with it, it has tons of gain.
If you want to go full out and clear out all other pedals and just use one thing...the Nova System's built in analog distortion is quite good, plus you have oodles of great effects at the ready. An MXR dynacomp in front of the Nova System works nicely and it has quite a bit of gain, not metal, but enough for 80's type rock.
I'm going to try the obvious cheap answer first and get an fx loop switcher. I orered one of the micro single loop switches from loop master. we'll see how it works out. A local fellow has a Riot I want to try too.


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Try the Xotic BB+ I think you can stack but gain stages, not 100% on that though. I have one but I only used one of the overdrives in it so I traded for a BB plus some money.


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The Loopmaster switch you ordered is probably your best option. But if youre thinking of the Suhr Riot, I can definitely agree. I got one a month ago for my 1970 Marshall, for high gain tones, and it delivers! Awesome pedal!