Best Guitar Solo of the 2010s?


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Since modern music is the only music that actually matters, who has the best solo of the past decade? Tosin Abasi? Devin Townsend? BTBAM trading solos?


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By far the best guitar solo of the 2010s

fuck your tosin abasi and the boomer bends twink lmfao


steve ramsey is the business

theres more talent, fire, emotive resonance in that 20 seconds than in Periphery's entire career


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See I have kept up on modem shredders so I love this thread . That being said a lot of these modern shredders would really do great by meeting a front man as powerful as their guitar skills


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Just Jason Richardson in general for 2010s. What a monster.
Hell ya! Is one of my favorites. He’s one of the guys who’s got some licks that I have to tear apart and understand. Him and Rick Grahm have so smooth and fresh .


Assuming this means 2010-2020 and not afterwards? This song makes me think of what Loomis could do if he focused on a tasteful melodic hook rather than just going guns blazing 24/7 on his solo records. Not a huge fan of the tone, but it seems to be intentionally that way to fit his "cyber future" styles, so whatever. Cheers