Billy Zoom contact info


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Good Morning, I'm trying to contact Billy but the number I had for him is dead. Cant remember his email address either. Does anyone have his current information? TIA
Billy Zoom is actually a fucking badass, he was one of the first badass amp techs that experimented with amps...and then played in a bunch of punk bands that were fucking badass and with a ton of other huge names. I know he was sick, he ever reads this I hope he is okay.
Oh well, you know he's good.

That's what she said...errr...
Just the guitar player / founder of X. Did the original Bassman mods for Mike Ness of Social Distortion....killer amp tech
Interesting....If I remember correctly, SD used the 'Snorkler' as well as a modded Bassman when Mr R Champagne was their recording engineer..the following year of course AIC Facelift was recorded. I wonder if SD getting a Bassman modded was because the main amp used for their album was the modded Bassman; and not the Snorkler? Which is what Mr Champagne said about the Facelift tone, that the heavy Rhythms were all modded Bassman....goosed by a Butler tube driver.