Bogner Ecstasy Problems - Anyone Experienced These?


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Had to pull my ad as I found some unknown problems. I was thinking of keeping it anyway - forced my hands on this one.

I Want to see if others have experienced these before I begin troubleshooting.

The mute circuit isn’t muting 100% - there’s still sound passing ever so slightly to the speakers. In 98 was this expected performance or is there a bad LDR or a relay not operating as expected?

Channel 2 is cutting in and out ever so slightly on palm mutes and I do mean you have to have an ear to catch it - very fast but noticeable and completely out - not a volume drop. Could be tube related yes, but tubes usually either work or do not work in my experience. The tubes are of unknown age in the amp. I do plan on retubing soon. Possibly a bad socket connection?

Thanks ahead of time! I’ll pull the chassis and put it on my bench when I get a chance, still working on the Marshall.
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I don’t think it’s the footswitch. I think it’s the presence pot wiper making poor contact to the resistive trace on palm mutes causing the phase inverter to be improperly grounded, thus the volume drop in experiencing. I believe it just needs a good potentiometer cleaning and lubrication and it should be good to go.

As far as the footswitch is concerned, I’ll see if I can think up a reliable solution so that the LED itself doesn’t become the defacto problem solver down the road. Preventative maintenance so to speak.


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This may sound silly but what condition is the LED on the foot controller in? They do go bad.

I had an issue with the loop on mine. It ended up being a wonky LED.
Is it all LEDs on the non-MIDI momentary buttons or all LEDs in general?


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No clue, but if the LED goes out you will definitely find yourself not able have full functionality. Strange, no doubt.
Because with the foot-switch installed into the circuit of the amp - it's just that - installed into the circuit of the amp; an LED is not just a light, it's a diode - thereby being an ON/OFF switch to current within the circuit.