Bogner Gallery: Post up your Bogner rig pictures here...

King Guitar

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Ok I will go first, here is my Bogner gear over the last year, waiting on my FISH reissue now which I am sure will kill :rock:


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Welcome Team Bogner :rock: :rock: :rock: I want to say that I have always appreciated the world class service I've experienced from these guys over the years - always willing to help and answer all questions and treat you like a rock star even when you're not.

Bogner past and present:

No shots of my super cool all black Shiva rig that sort of started my plunge into amp madness (no thanks to Jason Wallis ;) )

I will say that my Ecstacy Classic I have now is far and away one of the the coolest amps I've ever owned. If I had got that originally intstead of the 101b I may not have ever sought out another amp. 5 years later I've come full circle.

Steve E


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Couple Deltanaut pics from a clinic at MI:

Love this amp. Had it since '01 and had it modded to the classic in '02 and haven't looked back.


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hunter":2dhdkb9v said:
This plexi drum sound protection cage is a bit gay isn't it?
Yep, making sure you have a good mix so your singer can hear over Nick Menza playing drums is gay. :poke:


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My "The longest I've ever kept" amp

Mr. Woody & 2 Jr. OS Woodys behind

My "You all can hate me now" rig :LOL: :LOL:



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'03 Shiva I used to have:

Shiva with a Rev Blue Uberschall:

Rev 2 Uberschall:

Rev Blue Uberschall:

Looking forward to seeing the latest revision Uberschall. I'd like to know if the gain channel was revoiced or not, from the Bogner interview it appears that only the clean channel was tweaked so you could gain it up, along with the high and low knobs in addition to the KT88's.


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ShinySurface: The New Uberschall has both channels changed, but the clean channel is quite different from the stock version.

That's the response I got from Bogner a couple weeks ago.

Little B

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I'll post a closer pic sometime.This fish has quite the history behind it.It was left outside for the dumpster in another country(owner plugged it into 220 :confused: );bought it as a total piece of junk, but the most excellent resourceful Mr. Bogner put her all back together for me,and I'm debted to him forever!.This serial # 200 is very impressive-Great work
Bogner! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: