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G.Varbanov":2zcs1sqj said:
I recently jumped into the Bogner territory a couple of weeks ago but I jumped head first with two Uberschalls - the Twin Jet and Rev Blue. Waiting for the 4x12 Uber Cab Black Comet to go along with them. :)




:rock: :rock: :rock: Congrats!!

Just picked up a Rev Blue myself a while back. Awesome amps :rock:

How would you compare the two?


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is that the 3534 bogner cab???? looking into one of those do you like it/?
That is the Bogner 3534 cab. I love it! It projects very well and the sounds I get from the amp are very articulate. Lot’s of bottom end. Great cab!
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I'm going to order XTC101b and there is an option called "individual line out". Can you guys someone explain me what is a purpose of this extra feature and how is it different from 'send' output.


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Here is mine and I have an Uberkab arriving later this week. Uberschall Twinjet sounds massive but very tricky to dial in correctly!
Channel one sounds a lot like a Plexi and channel 2 is the high gain one.


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My 6L6 Bogner Shiva Silverback. She's so lovely!


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