Brit-Tone PowerDrive - Custom Plexi/Shiva type thing

Bruce at Brit-Tone lent this to me to try out. Details in the video. Also, he said that he can build this in 50 or 100 watts with any power tube type a customer wants.

This one is 40~ish watts from 4x EL84's
Plexi circuit for the normal channel and a Bogner Shiva/SLO thing on the lead channel. It's technically 1 channel but Bruce lays out specifics in the youtube comments.

I gigged with it twice and was extremely impressed. It sat in the mix effortlessly, had plenty of power to cut through the mix for lead work in the moderately sized clubs and unlike my old JTM45 I had or my 100w superlead, this thing retains tons of clarity when pushed hard with an overdrive and the normal channel cranked and hit with the JHS Klon sounded insanely good at the show I used it for.

First show, I used my Jackson audio prism and it was great as well but the klon just slaps different and beefs up the lower mids in a really special way that on these old marshall circuits can be too much if you aren't careful but this thing just didn't care.

And some direct recordings

This one is with the quad cortex setup in 4 cable method using it's klon and OCD boost models in front of the amp
And a couple with a backing track