Built a wall - to keep bad tone out.

ZEN Amps

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So I've shared some progress shots before but pretty much done now, just waiting on a Herbert MkIII. I can't take good pics to save my life unfortunately.

All wired up to KHE switchers with MIDI control coming from a ENGL controller I had lying around. The KHE stuff is cool - we have the choice of either a Power Station PS2 or Rivera Rockcrusher wired in, no repatching required. A Suhr reactive load is another 'cab' option, which makes silent recording nice and simple.

Here in Australia it's hard to find the really rare stuff so we've concentrated more on modern classics I guess you could say. The Cameron modded JMP bottom left is the exception, and the 1971 JMP50 is also pretty special. Also the Mesa Studio Preamp has had a C++ mod from Mike B - that's running into the fx return of the Uberschall and it just crushes.

Yes, it's as much as fun it looks.
The Wall Oct 2021.png

The Wall Oct 2021c.jpeg

The Wall Oct 2021a.jpeg
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I like that this is where you went - rather than suggesting there's too many amps (y)

I was serious ! I just bought a 1960B to complete a Marshall stack. I'm now looking for a used oversized recto straight cab to complete my dual recto stack. Not easy to find in my neck of the wood... I like the look and tone of full stacks ! :rock: