Built a wall - to keep bad tone out.

ZEN Amps

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Which are your top 5 fave heads?
Clean = Buxom Bettty, just gorgeous
Old School = Smallbox JMP50 and 78 JMP 2203
Modern = MCii, Uber Rev Blue
Fun = The purple thing (Cameron modded JMP)

Damn that's 6 already... I love them all!

I spy my old Landry in there. ;)
Your orange Peters is coming for a visit this week too!

Should an earthquake strike while you’re adjusting an amp, you’ll be buried alive. What a way to go!
I'm ok with that scenario.

ZEN Amps

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Ha! No way! :LOL:
Do you know which one it is? I had a Gryphon (full size with tolex grill) and a GNL (short size with black metal grill).

I idiotically sold it... but to a friend who still has it :rock: