Chris Henderson, guitarist for 3 Doors Down, and I are not related...


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(my last name is Henderson :))...but we do share similar tastes in guitars. ;)

There's a unique story here, so let me start from the beginning.

In the middle of the first major shutdown, during the Covid pandemic, 3 Doors Down did a series of live stream concerts. I have always been a fan of the band, and i have in my collection, a Chris Henderson PRS (awesome guitar) I purchased and watched all of them, they were awesome!! After watching the shows, I tried to connect with Chris Henderson on Instagram, I figured he's probably not doing much because of the shutdown. Literally, within a couple hours, he messaged back and we went on to have a great conversation about all kinds of stuff. I went on to tell him about my PRS, showed him pics and such. Chris was telling me that when the restrictions were lifted that they were planning a big tour to celebrate the 20th year of "A Better Life", their multi Platinum debut album. Chris went on to offer, "If we come to Michigan, you can hook up with my guitar tech, Bernie and i will play your guitar on stage for a couple songs."

Fast forward a few months....3 Doors Down announces their 20th Anniversary tour for A better Life, and their playing the Allegan County Fair, which is only 20 miles from where i live!!

So I contacted Chris and Bernie....they hooked me up with tickets to the show and made good on his offer.

The show was last night. Bernie wanted to get my PRS at noon yesterday so he had time to get it setup the way Chris like it, his strings, etc.

Then is was showtime! The band sounded great! They played the entire Better Life album front to back...them played some of their other hits. Chris played my PRS on 2 songs during the towards the beginning of the show and once towards the middle of the show.

It was so great to be at a concert again! The crowd was really into it as well, singing along with the band and really loud interaction between songs. The band was tight..well rehearsed. Brads voice sounded great. The dueling guitars sounded awesome as well.

When the show was over, Bernie brought my case to me side stage. I thanked him multiple times. So I got home and opened the case to find Chris's playlist from the show, a collection of picks from all 3 guitar players, Chris's signature on the top of the case and Chris's signature on the back of the headstock!!!!!!! I was so surprised!!!

Because of LIVE NATION's Covid restrictions, I was not able to meet Chris face to face....but I'm so grateful that he did all that for me and made it a night ill never forget!

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A buddy of mine worked a tour they were on years ago, I was shocked how good they were live and how good the guitars sounded, I was told they were using some kind of iso cabs?


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Thanks everyone!!

I forgot to say that. Burney and Chris had left me 2 gold circle tickets at will call. My daughter bailed on me at the last second, so I had to go by myself.

I gave my extra ticket to a Vietnam veteran that needed a ticket to the show.

I walked up to him and thanked him for his service and then asked him if he was going to go to the show. He said he wanted to but he didn’t have a ticket. I put it in his hand and said, “now ya do!”


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My buddy was their manager and tour manager since Kryptonite was a hit. The last time I saw them they were big Fractal users cause he could have both gtr rigs in a single ATA Rack that fit in the bus storage area. Congrats!


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That's rad!

Tbh I'm kind of amazed that they have 3 guitar players (unless you're counting 2 guitarists and a bassist?)


Cool story, congrats!

I had the first album but kind of lost interest over the years. I saw them for the first time last month in Indy. Good show.