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This interview was 1 year after my first 2014 Winter Namm show with Floyd Rose, They were celebrating 35 years in business is how I met Chris and so after giving him a 37mm block the next day he called to tell me he needed 3 more. Chris Talks about how we met in this video @ 6:30 • 9:05 Chris talks about Egnater amps and all sorts of gear and history. If you're a Chris Poland fan this is a great interview. Check it out !

Chris Poland wanted me to post this for all you to check out his reformed group back 2016 OHM with his long time friend & original drummer of megadeth Nick Menza • R.I.P. • This recording was recorded on a IPhone. Chris is playing his signature Schecter model "the Poltergeist" equipped with the original 1984 Floyd Rose Tremolo with a 37mm Rock.

The first time meeting Chris Poland and giving him his first 37mm block to try @ the Floyd Rose booth 2014 Winter Namm with my long time friend of 40 years, Scott Gailor.
I've known Chris Poland and his life long friend and Bass player (Robby Pag Pagulari) since 2014. After all these years I've modded Robby's 6 String Yamaha Fretless Bass back 2018 first then he recently got endorsment with Miura Basses. Since talking with Robby and Hero the owner of Miura Basses I agreed to make 2 more 6 string Stud/String blocks. Now they're installed they rival the Yamaha since the length of the some strings are an issue going thru the block where the ball end resonats more snug in the counter-sink in the back of the block (pictured below) yet the 2 lower string didn't make it besides the bridge itself is attached to the block so there's nothing lost but everything to gain which no other bass can compare.

Now that Both Chris Poland and his Bassist Robby Pagulari have the Stone Tone as a complete 3 pc. Chris's band "OHM" I'll soon post some clips once they become available but the harmonic structure and overall attack & feel is outta control!!! -Chris Poland

Here's what Robby had to say after the initial plug-in.

Quote: When Rob put the block in my custom Gaudesi 6 string fretless Yamaha bass a fews ago I was blown away !! Now the block is in my 2 Miura MB-R 6 basses, the sound and tone the block produces with the build of the bass - again I am blown away with what it accomplishes ! Here's a few pics and again thanks again Rob for next level performance on my basses because this really is an ingenious concept you've come up with !! Hero will start production installing your blocks in all his basses from now on it's that good besides I couldn't imagine these 2 basses sounding better than the Yamaha.. must be because the size.. either way thanks again Rob the bass sounds amazing here at the studio Chris couldn't belive how much better it is now compared to before.
- Robby Pag Pagulari

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As I'm finishing up my day cranking out more Jeff Loomis Sustain Blocks I get this text from Chris.

I just played guitar for 5 minutes and it seems like my boost pedals have been getting in the way of the Megablock tone.

So I set my pedal board

“buffer in / buffer out”with no boost on just using the pedals interior buffers. You can really hear the block working doing this.

It’s really expanding the note.

It’s pretty killer.

I’m going to mention this in future interviews.

I hadn’t played guitar in like 72 hours so I could really hear what was going on today. Really listening and not just burning solos.

I turned my preamp gain back to 2

Egnater ie4 Chan #4 has tons of gain.

With both boosts off that’s when I really heard what the block is doing. Notes are blooming and alive.

But it still plays fast articulately.

And with the boost pedals off there are no “string artifacts”.

That moment was the best part of my day.

Thanks Rob

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