Clips of the Blues,Rock and Heavy tune are up!


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I want to say that Keith Howland did the rhythm tracks separately and then they
did the lead work at Wagener's studio. That would explain the difference.


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Nice!I just listened once (on my crappy HP's...) but i liked the COD blues better than the Bassman & the Vox blues..more "body" to the lead sound (it could be the guitar..?).The drop dead SL2X and EG5 were fine too as well as the country (T/D ?)!


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My vote goes to the Bman. Sounded really nice. Of the Drop Dead clips I like the EG5 more. Very cool.

Nice clips!


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I am new to this site but, I just sat for a hour listening to your samples and there are awesome....

I have been playing guitar on and off for the past 35 years and after listening to "Dead Leg" I really need a few more years to catch up....

Do you have any more I can listen to?


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LOVED the multi-tracked leads on Drop Dead, wish there was a pedal that did such doubling. Very cool playing too!