Cool, intriguing new amp...Bogner Duende Seco Mojado Combo

King Guitar

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What a cool idea. Your own Wet Dry rig in a small package for a small club date. The video Rob posted up of it sounds amazing. After I recover from my Friedman rig I am going to pick one of these up from Tone Merchants for sure :thumbsup:

I wonder if thats my actual amp?

The Seco Mojado is simply an amazing amplifier. its so well thought out and just sounds incredible with effects. Everyone that hears it with some delay going into the second power amp is amazed. the amp is pricey, but when u think of what your getting, its very reasonable.

2 tube power amps, 3 channels, dual reverbs, trem, line out effects loop, 3 speakers, aux input.

Pete Thorn is going to be getting one from me when he gets back into the country in a couple of weeks. Hes also going to be doing a video demo.

Im going to build a rig around it, using an axe fx into the second power amp and side speakers for effects and model sims so I can combine the preamps. its gonna Be KILLER :rock:


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damn, what an idea. that little amp sounds awesome. not a reverb fan, but watch this catch on with all the box makers.

i always have the reverb off and just put delays in the second power amp. U can also put a pedal board with overdrives and distortions in the second power amp and u have two totally different amp sounds in one amp. theres so many possibilities and Im gonna try every one i can think of :D
it is true stereo. speakers on both sides. it sounds best when hooking up an additional bogner 1x12. the the second power amp really seperates from the dry 1x12