DALGONA Switcher/Router/Junction Box


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Dalgona is a mind-blower for gigging musicians. It is not just a true-bypass router, but also a switcher, which seems simple enough on the surface. However, it is amazing how much can switch/re-route with one footswitch, and this is in part to the Auto Loop connections under the hood.

5 functions in a box!

a) 3+2 automatic switcher – as a professional without tap dance
b) 4CM junction box – converted to 4CM by one switch flip
c) Amp selector – one guitar to up to 4 amps
d) Guitar selector – one amp to up to 5 guitars
e) Match maker – match between 3 guitars and 3 amps

This tech is divided into five sections named: Dalgona, Coffee, Tea, Soda, and Juice (think of flavor intensities, whereas Coffee is mild, Tea is stronger, Soda is sweet, and Juice is very sweet. Now, you don’t have to create your set-ups so that Coffee is clean and Juice is high-gain, for example. Names were provided to create a theme and an easy way to navigate. The Dalgona section is thought of as a ‘topper,’ which has its own loop (‘Link Function’). In essence, you can turn on an amp via the Dalgona circuit, and it can trigger pedals or other devices (other amps) in the Coffee or Tea section. What this means is that it is unnecessary to stomp 2-3 switches to disengage then engage a different group of gear. If you love analog gear, and have a lot of it, Dalgona can clean up the mess and make it far more functional and time-saving.

What can Dalgona do? You can plug in up to five guitars, you can match three guitars with three amps, you can create different loops with different pedals or pedalboards (e.g., an ambient board with a particular amp vs. an OD/distortion board with another amp) that could be assigned to different amps, and you even can stack different amps for stereo effect. The included video does not go through the cabling of different setups (and there likely are some you can devise not in the brochure and based on your needs), but I do demo how Dalgona works with different hook-ups and switching/routing. In fact, writing about Dalgona does not get the message across nearly as well as the video demonstration, as most people are familiar with switchers and routers. But to have both under one chassis is the next logical step forward, and LiberaToe pulled this off very well.

Dalgona retails for $134.95, which is in line with various switchers, but it offers more possibilities. It draws only 150mA (DC 9V center-negative) and measures 14 x 3 x 2.4 inches (355 x 76.5 x 60 mm). And so, it is not a very large item, but as important, it weighs only 1.68 pounds (764g), thanks to the aluminum chassis. Dalgona has lot of muscle in a small light-weight size.