Did chubtones Instagram account...

Jeff Hilligan

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Get hacked. Curt seemed like a cool guy asked him what year charvel used brass on their blocks to see if the person pushing Bitcoin mining was him. Seemed not to be him?


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Yeah there was another thread about it on here a while back. I think he has a new/different acct now


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insta hacker tried to engage me but the DMs were wacky!

i reported and blocked them

hi Curt!

what humbuckers you rocking these days my man?


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My favorites are the good old Duncan Custom (TB-5/SH-5) in alder bodied guitars and the Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid (TB-16/SH-16) in northern ash guitars. With my amps and to my ears, those are the recipes I dig.
Curious what you would go for in a Swamp Ash body?


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I just got a message from chubtone_custom_guitars which I assume is also a fake account?