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For awhile I couldn’t listen to pantera since I could not go see him live . I use to go like twice a year. It took like 10 years . I do a lot again


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I cover cemetery gates live and it’s the only pantera song I can play and not completely butcher it to do Dime justice. Crowds always go nuts when I start the intro - not many bands around here dive into 90’s metal.

RIP Dime. One of my main inspirations along with Zakk.

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Yup. Gotta bunch of Dime stuff, signed Dean V from 93, 2 Coors lights and a joint, what a memory. Both Washburn and Dean cutouts, numerous Deans and Washburns.

Was my main hero, still is, always will be.

RIP my friend.


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Crazy it was that long ago. Doesn’t seem that long ago. I remember it like yesterday. Although I wasn’t the biggest Pantera fan, much respect. I do remember waiting outside a store for Far Beyond Driven release in college. Those days were cool. Waiting out in the cold for tickets or new cd/album.


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I remember I got "Cowboys from Hell" for Christmas when I was in the Air Force and was such a kick in the ass! As mentioned, it is what music needed at the time. Dime just sounded different than others and that is how he made his mark.

Today was also the day John Lennon was killed. Both were heroes of mine and I have been to both locations where they lost their lives. Two years ago I saw Mac Sabbath st Alrosa Villa and I freaked out for a few minutes when I saw the stage where Dime died. I had a great tine that night but that moment, just being there was a tad overwhelming for those few minutes.

My friend sent me this today and crazy to see the venue torn down.



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i took these i think it was two or three days before on my old flip phone, it was about the coolest thing ever to watch him from behind his full stack, couple days later he was gone




A friend had tickets to go to Dime’s final concert and invited me. I turned it down since it was a school night (I was in high school at the time). Woke up the next morning to my alarm clock radio announcing his death…