Distortion Pedal suggestions

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Hola !

I sold all my guitar eqs (solid state amps mostly) and currently i own a Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb with a cool od pedal called EHX OD Glove (OCD clone??). This combo is amazing in blues , rock and etc.. It's good also when i'm playing metal songs Metallica , Slayer , Pantera , Cannibal Corpse and list goes on. My question is , is there any pedal based on your experience that could cover all type of metal songs through a fender clean amp ?


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Sounds like you'd probably be best off with something like the Line 6 HX Stomp if you want to cover all those different types of metal tones


I know this is an old thread so it might not help you but it could help someone in the future.

The Boss OD-20 Drive Zone would do a great job and they arent expensive either, especially for everything you get.

Here is a link to the Boss OD-20 Drive Zone Page.

Here is a list of features:

  • COSM Overdrive/Distortion Modeling pedal with 22 killer stompbox models including 6 all-new tones
  • Models classic and modern overdrive/distortion pedals like BOSS OD-1 and MT-2, plus many other vintage and boutique pedals
  • Attack Shape control adjusts overdrive's response dynamics to your playing
  • Heavy Octave parameter creates sounds one octave below notes played on the 4th string, 4th fret and lower-great for heavy, single string riffs!
  • 4 User memories for storing custom settings; also has Manual mode for realtime changes
  • Line output with Amp Simulator; also works as headphone output
  • Amp Control jack for switching amp channels from the OD-20