Egnater MOD50: clean modules as pedal platform


I've had my MOD50 for about five years and haven't used it as much as intended, mostly because the cab/speakers I've had for the duration weren't ideal. (The best cab config I've found has been the Egnater Tourmaster 212.) Finally got a very similar cab and loaded the Elite 80 speakers.

Circling back to the MOD50 now, I'd like some feedback/guidance on how to make the most of it for using dirt pedals. I've got the Egnater T/D, BMAN and VX (dual) modules.
FWIW, I had an M4 about 10yrs ago and some dirt pedals (DS-1, in particular) sounded way thinner/smaller through the Twin side of the T/D module than it did through a <conventional> tube amp (my Super Reverb RI).

Is there a 'best practice' or cool tricks to getting them to take pedals well?
Lower gain (5751) for V1?
Run Channel A's gain a little higher vs just higher volume?

Or is it an issue with the MOD amps? I've read several reviews where the new Synergy BMAN and T/DLX are taking pedals well, so I'm also wondering if it's just a difference in the technology.
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I used dirt pedals with the A channel of VX module for years. Basically just set the module how I liked it then tweaked the pedal volume to match or boost if necessary.