Egnater Tweaker good tone playing quiet.... question?


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This has probably been said 1000 times. My Tweaker (which i love) is a little too loud for my bedroom (yes my man card has already been revoked). It would be awesome if there was a switch to reduce power, or even if I could pull out a power tube. Or put in some really wimpy power tubes to give me around 1 watt max output.

Read a post by Bruce stating that the magic happens with the Tweaker with the power tubes, and I agree. Turning up the volume makes a profound difference. After several hours research I heard too many bad things about attenuator tone suck. I considered buying a Weber, but ultimately decided against it.

I researched the Egnater Rebel and it's 1-20 watt power knob, and read a great write up by Bruce Egnater on how that works, which I actually understood. I realized that knob will not do what I want. I'd like to be able to put the master volume around 3:00-5:00. IMO that isn't unrealistic. I'm using the 'California Clean' setting (Fender). Gain way down, master volume around 10:00-11:00 (which is a tolerable volume level for me).

I don't know if an attenuator would be acceptable for this slight bump or not. I read a post saying that the degradation caused by the attenuator was greater than the tone added by pushing the power tubes a little harder.

Thoughts? Anyone with experience on a Tweaker. This is a great amp. :)
Thank you!


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I am using a Tweaker 15 with a 1x12" cab (8 ohm Celestion G12-K100 speaker).
To be able to reduce the sound level at high amp power levels,
I have installed a 8 ohm/100W L-pad( constant impedance potentiometer) in the cab.
It works fairly good. But the problem with reducing sound level (whatever method)
is that the human ear has different frequency respons at different sound levels.
At 110 dB(A) the percieved frequency response is nearly flat, but the more you reduce sound level you will percieve a loss in bass and treble response..
read this; ... son_curves
Thats why most old school HiFi equipment had a loudness control that increased bass respons at low sound levels..


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OP here, coming back to update after about a year of owning the Tweaker. I haven't done anything to make it quieter. I just rock it out, playing loud and proud. I usually play on the clean channel with the gain around 3:00 and a few clean boost pedals for extra gain. Master volume is usually around 9:00 (which is fairly loud for the bedroom) once you add the extra gain.

Love the amp, highly recommend it to others. :) even for bedroom use.


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For my Tweaker, I use this in the effects loop:

Doesn't really suck the tone, works pretty good.