Engl Artist Edition 50 vs. 100


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Has anyone compared the 50 and 100 watt versions of the Artist Edition? I‘d only use the amp for home recording, so 50 watt would be more than enough. But I am a little bit concerned if the 50 watt version could lack some thump in the lower end. I am looking for a tight Thrash Metal sound.


I got a Retro 50 and could try to reamp some guitars if you can send me DIs. It's not the Artist Edition, bit it could get you some sense on what you can expect.
PM me if you want to do it :)


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have the 4-valve (EL) artist - bought it new during a 2017 D.A.G. fire sale. prob. not a lot of dB differential and there are a couple of MVs on the thing..plenty of control imo.

the star is the (must-have imo) Z-9 programmable footswitch rig..formidable but fierce.


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Two days ago - after long consideration - I finally took the plunge and bought a 50W Artist Edition.

The amp sounds really, really great, and it definitely doesn't lack thump. Its low end is more percussive, less compressed than other Engl amps I have tried before (e.g. Fireball, Invader) and it has LOADS of gain (with a boost in front the lead/gain channel sounds nothing less than apocalyptic with the gain above 10 o'clock).

I would describe the overall voicing as a mix between the polished, slightly scooped Engl sound and a more aggressive modded Marshall. When dialing in a tight Thrash tone I found that treble and presence settings above 5 1/2 can get a little bit spiky (although that could also partly be my Suhr Reactive Load's fault, which is known for emphasizing the high end) and I raise the mids to 6 1/2 to fill out that Engl scoop a little bit. Adding mids with the shape switch is a little bit too much for heavy rhythm guitar, but it's really useful for leads.

Another thing I found is that the amp is remarkably quiet, even with a lot of gain. In fact it is even more quiet than my amp sim plugins through a high quality DI box. I leave the internal noise gate off, because it cuts off the sound really hard. I prefer noise reduction with a more adaptive and dynamic response (e.g. ISP Decimator), but to be honest I don't know if I even need it for this amp.
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