Engl e570 Pre => Fireball 60w loop/ power amp, power tubes keep burning


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Hello guys,
as the title says, while using the current setup yesterday has been the third time in a row that my power tubes get burned. That's three sets in row an i am getting a little bit disappointed.
The full setup goes like this, Guitar> bunch of pedals> e570 pre (master@ 10 o'clock, individual channels around noon)> fireball effects loop (knob turned fully on, eq @ zero, master @ 10 o'clock)> Torpedo Captor 8(master @2 o'cklock> sound card.
Two days ago i turned the amp on and started playing, i was disgusted by the sound 'cos it was too fizzy and i could not eq out the fizzines with any kind of eq on the amp or daw. Afterwards i turned the eq on from the loop and a bit later the v1 power tube gets burned.
With the previous set of tubes TAD 6l6gc, i was running the pre @full master volume, fireball@ noon and was bringing the level down from the torpedo, so i thought that my mistake was that i was overloading the power amp this way which in turned caused it to burn the power tubes. With the last set i was very conservative with the master volumes just to be sure and used levels that i would use with a cab live, but still the same thing happened.
I would like some help on what i am possibly doing wrong and getting this result.
As of note, the electricity at my house is pretty poor and this causes hum even when i am playing with plugins direct. It get extenuated with the amp. Can this be the problem and maybe a Furman unit could help??
I am out of ideas and started to get disappointed really with an amp that i love but can't play, also it has been a money sink since i have changed all the tubes just in case.
I haven't biased the amp though.
Any help will be much appreciated, thx:rock::rock: