Engl E580 issues


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I've got problems with my E580 preamp and ENGL customer service was, unfortunately, not helpful at all.
To make a long story short, my tech has figured that the problem lies in a module marked as SM580-12LS.
I've contacted ENGL support centre to ask them, if they had any of these, that they could send me, but it seems that there are no left and they don't have schematics for this particular module either. Weird, but ok.
Do any of you guys have some sort of documentation, that could help me in any way?
I'll attach a photo of said module.

Thank you.


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Sorry for your luck, man. The only problem I have ever heard of from Diezels is midi. Never understood making more things to go wrong in a tube amp. I know that some of the modders mod the e 530. I would contact some of them and see if they might mod it. they could maybe just bypass the midi and then take away the problem forever.
Sorry about the ENGL tech support. When I had some issues with my E580 (bad optocoupler) they were quite helpful and send me a replacement part. I have only this schematic. Maybe it could help.


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