Epiphone SG - pickup suggestions


I’m looking to replace the pickups in my Epiphone SG. Any recommendations for it? This will eventually be my daughter’s guitar. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Probably not exactly what you're gunning for, but I have an Epi SG that was my first decent guitar, a gift from my grandma back in the '90s. I wasn't playing it anymore and it didn't really have a niche in my collection, so I replaced the pickups with GFS Mean 90s. They're pretty nice for cheap pickups and I enjoy playing it again.
Duncan Pearly Gates…….the custom shop ones if you want to fork the extra. They are a little hotter and not so sizzly on top. Or some bucker sized P-90’s. My favorites are the BKP Nantuckets.


In my GIbson SG i have a Wolfetone Timbre Wolfe in the bridge with a SD 59 in the neck. That Wolfetone is a screamer and has become one of my favorite pickups and my SG has become one of my favorite guitars.


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Lollar Imperials (PAFs), shoot them an email for a reco on the high/low wind as it’ll help if your SG is as dark sounding as others.