ESP full thickness Eclipse?


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ESP E-II Eclipse Full Thickness

Here's one from their website that has the new joint with the belly cut.
Thanks for the very informative posts Mr. Pushead! It's greatly appreciated. I am definitely going to check these out so far the front runners are the EII BB with the Maple neck normal thickness body and the natural burst full thickness body with the belly cut. I just need to see in the neck profile agrees with me as well as the extra jumbo frets, I love Jumbp frets but I had a guitar re-fretted with Extra jumbos and I hated it... I felt like I was playing a scalloped neck so I had my luthier remove the extra jumbo and install 6100 jumbo in their place, he wasn't too happy about it but I thought I would adapt and I could not........:bash::LOL:


Are any of the Japanese Eclipses solid or are those chambered as well?

I don't know for sure. Under 9lbs for the FT always seemed pretty light to me, but I thought it may be a different species of mahogany they were using. All of my Les Pauls are over 10lbs.

Both of my FT guitars have a slightly bigger neck than the normal Eclipses, but that was listed on the specs of the time as well. I believe the current FT and normal guitars share the same Thin U profile which is about .83" at the 1st fret and about .89" at the 12th. (or 20 and 22mm, I believe.)


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I dig this guy’s ESP Eclipse. I’d get one custom built in this LP configuration.

If you notice with the Count's ESP the lower horn in spec on Les Paul as well as full thickness bodies and all of his ESP signature guitars have maple necks ala Norlin Gibson construction.


I had a full thickness E-ii, My ESP Eclipse is not a full thickness, but to me it's apples & oranges comparing the Eclipse and Les Paul. Two different animals. To me the advantage of the ESP is that I can get one right off the rack and all I would want to change is the string gauge and strap locks and it'll immediately be gig ready. Most of my Les Pauls have modifications to pickups/hardware/frets/nut, but for me the advantage over the Eclipse the Les Paul has is the nitro finish. It let's the wood breathe and be more influential on the plugged in tone, at least to my ears. My two favorite guitars in my collection are my 79 LP Custom and my ESP Eclipse.


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Neither of my ESPs do, but some of the LTDs do and I think the modern E-II guitars do. ESP moved to the sculpted neck joint around 2016ish, but they still have guitars with the Gibson style. I think it has to do with the models that are double bound.



Older, Gibson style joint vs newer joint.

None of my Eclipses have neck dive. My lightest normal thickness Eclipse is 7lbs 6oz and the heaviest is 8lbs 15oz. The FT versions are 8lbs 13oz and 8lbs 15oz.
Now you're just showing off. Stud!!


I had an ec1000 ctm.....sweet guitar. not a lp but close. had emg 81 and 60 I believe. double bound. It ripped. fit and finish was as good as anything else I've spent a lot more money on.