Eventide TimeFactor


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Excellent sound quality!!
Delay algorithms are all very good
Does not require Ebtech HumEliminator to eliminate ground loops
Sucks less tone than ANY other digital processor I've owned (Axe Fx, G System, G Major 2)
Save presets
Can be controlled with MIDI
Tap Tempo
Dual Delay
Setting the delay time to zero and using ModDelay results in an awesome chorus
Levels can be adjusted so the TimeFactor sounds good in front of the preamp or when in the FX loop

Navigating presets is a bitch because you can only bank upwards

Delays cut out when changing presets for about 3/4 of a second while the next preset loads

TimeFactor compared to the MXR Carbon Copy (analog delay pedal:)
I love the MXR Carbon Copy and will have both the Carbon Copy and the TimeFactor in my rig. However, the TimeFactor has a "Filter" parameter that can make the delay repeats 'warm' like an analog delay. The TimeFactor can sound very close to an analog delay. Only the purists would rather have the Carbon Copy if forced to choose between the two.

TimeFactor compared to other rack processors (Axe Fx, G System, G Major 2:)
The 3 other digital processors that I have tried ALL REQUIRED an Ebtech HumEliminator to stop ground loop hum when paired with the Diezel Herbert, Diezel VH4, and Mesa Recto Pre 2:100.
The TimeFactor did NOT have hum when paired with the Diezel Herbert, Diezel VH4, and Mesa Mark V.
The 3 other digital processors that I have tried sucked tone so much, that I decided to run the effects on "Kill Dry" and use the parallel loop of the amps (Diezel VH4, Diezel Herbert). The TimeFactor sucks such a small amount of tone (when using Mesa Mark V, Diezel Herbert, Diezel VH4), that I've gone back to the serial loop.

Comparing "tone suck" of digital units in the serial effects loops of the Mesa Mark V, Diezel Herbert, and Diezel VH4 when using the SAME CABLES:
Worst -- TC G Major 2 (loss of clarity of individual notes when chords are played)
Bad -- TC G System (loss of clarity of individual notes when chords are played)
Not Great -- Axe Fx (colors the sound darker)
Clearly the Best -- Eventide TimeFactor

In summary, I prefer the TC TimeFactor over other expensive rack processors that I've owned. The clarity of the TimeFactor is awesome. The fact that it does NOT suck tone is awesome. The delay algorithms are done very well. But the TimeFactor is not a perfect unit. Changing presets causes the delay repeats to drop out for just under 1 second, which will be a problem for some people that expect perfect performance during live situations.
There is a setting that allows you to spill over the repeats as you change presets. I also run all three of my factor pedals with a midi controler. Totally takes away the cons you mentioned. Great unit.
I had it, had some fun with it, was never really satisfied ..

Tried my friend's TIMELINE, sold the TF, never looked back.

The cool thing about the Timeline was that I could get great sounds right out of the box,the TF took some tweaking.
I've owned both the time factor and the Giga delay and prefer the Giga delay for its simplicity. The time a factors delay quality is a little bit better, but it wasn't night and day. Amazing pedal regardless.
I used to own the Eventide Time Factor and I thought it was great. That was until getting a Strymon Time Line. Time Line is the best Delay I've ever used during my +30 years as a session guitarist.