FedEx Beware!!


Last two amplifiers I purchased handled by FedEx!! Self explanatory.


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Tone Junkie

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Unfucking believable. Hope they had insurance on that and posted for damages.
I wouldn’t want it after that. Pristine amp to balsa wood.
Not like it’s a 500 Peavey 🤬


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Is UPS typically better then FedEx? It seems like whatever you choose you have a random chance of your package getting fucked up.


I shipped a vh4, packed great and insured for 4k. Forum brother recieved it and the side was damaged. UPS basically told me to go pound sand. Had another bad experience with a 4x12 but it was my fault. Told that forum brother just to keep it and the v30's but ups destroyed it. brand new laney tt 4x12. oh well....ftf only for me now.


best packing job on an amp was when I bought a vht pitbull 50st. it was wrapped in bubble wrap. then wrapped in a mile of plastic wrap. looked like a big football. it was mint and easy to open. Can't remember the guys name. that was back in the hcaf days...


Armor plating might save you from these idiots today!! Unfortunately no matter how well you have it wrapped when they throw it from God knows how many feet, multiple time, something going happen!!

On both these shipments from the outside the boxes looked not bad. When you opened it up that’s when all the goodness comes out.

I believe what saves the OEM’s when they ship are the foam corners pieces they use. Absorbs all the abuse.

When you wrap it tight like like a mummy all that abuse goes straight to the contents!!

Sad state of affairs that we are at in this country! I see it at work the way packages are treated that we receive! Especially FedEx!!


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UPS once told me if the shipping box does not have that rating code stamped on it, yer fucked.
I think my buddy's sister-in-law works for them.
She had a gig destroying luggage in a 70's commercial.


Tone Junkie

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Problem is if it was something they ordered it’s a big deal. You they don’t care. Don’t know if it’s people who don’t care or short staffed. Either way sucks.
I’ve got a Mesa TOV that should be done at the spa soon. 🙏 it doesn’t show up like that.

You seem pretty calm considering the prices of those amp. If it was me I would have boiled over 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😎


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Bubble will not save an amp from these idiots . You have to use at least 2" of poly laminated foam on all sides. I cut it and fill all void with it. Bubble goes inside the headshell stuffed tight and all around and in between the tubes. No way they could damage it other than punching through the box with a forklift.


Sorry to vent on you guys on this beautiful Saturday morning!! I received the Skeleton Key on Wednesday, this all really didn’t set in until I spent an hour or so this morning taking apart this awesome amplifier and have to bend and bang on it to try and get it looking like it use to before this brainless gorillas did there fine work to it!!