Fireball 100 in-depth demo/review


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Hey guys,

I've made an in-depth demo of my ENGL Fireball 100. I've had this amp in my collection for about a year now and I still love it a lot! :)

The amp has a fairly simple layout with a shared eq section but seperate master controls. The clean channel also has a seperate gain control, which is nice! The bright, bottom and mid boost voicing options are very welcome as well. It makes the amp that much more versatile. For rich, chimey and glassy clean tones I like to have the bright and bottom switches on and the mid boost knob is amazing for more classic rock tones.

The clean channel is super responsive and it has enough gain on tap for a nice crunch. There is something really special about the clean tones on this amp. I really like how bright it can get without getting harsh. I personally like clean tones with a little bit of subtle drive and this amp is just amazing for that.

The drive channel is super nice for metal or anything high gain. There is plenty of gain on tap, that's for sure. I like the range of the EQ controls. I usually like to keep the presence fairly low as can be seen throughout the demo but I do like to crank the mids and treble controls to open up the amp a bit.

Maybe the amp isn't ideal for playing live if you want to have multiple channels in use, because of the shared eq. I'm not saying it can't be done but it just depends on what you need tone-wise. However, it's an amazing amp for the studio and I'm super happy with it.

Here's the in-depth demo with 16 guitars and in various styles:



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Absolutely killer tones and playing! They are simple but man they are great amps IMO. Makes me want to grab another one.


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I very much enjoyed this video. Really great playing/tones/production soung. Nice guitar/amp collection.


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I was surprised to hear how close the Ironball lunchbox amp sounded to the big Fireball 100 in one of your videos. I really couldn‘t tell any difference.

Has anyone already tried the new Fireball 25?