FS: 1982 Marshall JCM 800 2204 Anniversary Series


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Listing for a friend. He is selling so he can help his parents with hospital bills while his mom fights cancer.
Asking price is a whopping $3000. :eek: ... best offers over $2500 highly considered.
Paypal, Zelle, cash, money order accepted. You pay PP fees, he pays shipping.
No trades, he needs the $.

As you can see, it's a well-used Anniversary model with white tolex. This sexy beast oozes the rock n roll.
It is all stock, with the addition of a most groovy and tasteful sticker placed near Jim Marshall's signature on the face plate.
GT 12ax7-c preamp tubes, EHX EL34s.
It's the best sounding 2204 I've ever played or heard. Better than the 78 and 79 JMP 2204s I had.
It's not noisy, balanced eq that's not too shrill, enough gain for the rock, pedals take it as heavy as you want to go, cleans up to a beautiful clean, and the low input is a great pedal platform.
I'll work on clips.
In the meantime, just imagine the best sounding Marshall you ever heard. This is it!
This is the sound in your dreams that you are always disappointed to never find in real life.
It can now be yours!

Thanks for looking, surely drooling, and have a beautiful October day.

Quick phone clips:

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For all of you looking for a good 2204, this is the one to get. Why? Because every damn 82 I’ve owned have had 500v + PTs and are aggressive as hell. The one that got away was a black tolex 82 with a tube loop, and a slight gain mod but it just slayed.
Best MV Marshall right here imo…over ANY other year.