FS: Balaguer Archetype Nightmare burst_11/25 Price drop


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Balaguer Archetype Nightmare burst finish.

$1175 shipped and PP'd. CONUS only. No trades. Ships in Balaguer soft case.

Bought it brand new. Guitar has maybe 24 hours playtime on it. Pretty much as new. A few pick marks and swirls that you'd really have to look for. The pickup covers had some light pick marks on them when I received it new...guess it happened during setup/testing at the factory.

This guitar sounds and plays flat out amazing. I've had Suhrs, Mayones, high end LPs, and played countless others, and this has better fretwork than all of them. Amazing fit to finish and playability. Loaded with the stock Feral humbuckers and they are killer! This guitar is very very articulate and has an aggressive tone. The shape of this guitar makes it extremely comfy to play sitting...the bevel feels awesome. Guitar will ship in Balaguer soft case.

Mahogany body
Flamed maple top
Maple neck
Ebony board
Stainless steel frets
Tusq nut
Custom volume/tone knob placement (out of the damn way!)
Locking tuners
Balaguer bridge
Push/pull tone knob to split the pups
Dot inlays
Nightmare Burst finish looks sick!

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What is the neck like? Thin, medium, meaty? Is the guitar well balanced with its shape and the way it hangs? Looks super cool.
The neck to me seems really comfy. I'd say medium with just enough meat. It's NOT anything like a flat Ibanez but not like a thick old LP baseball bat. Just a nice happy medium in my opinion. Balaguer calls it comfy C. Balances fine IMO.