FS/FT: 2002 PRS Standard 24 in Metallic Red $1700


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This is the first guitar i ever saved all summer and bought back in 2004 brand new off of the shelf.
I hate to let her go but i don't play it as much as i used to and it needs a loving home. The action is super low. Could use a little tweaking to taste. Duncan JB in the bridge. Sounds killer. It has some road wear as it was my #2 until 2020. See pics. I don't have the hard case for it but will pack very well.
The bat stickers come off with a little work and leave no marks/paint color problems. I took a few off to check. They are the original Frances Meyer bats that Billy Corgan has on his bat strat.
Strung with 10s currently. Here's a clip with 12s.
Wide-Thin profile
Shipping is going to be around $130 via UPS.(will split it with buyer) Only shipping in the usa.





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