FS: Kemper Powerack + Remote Like New!

Up for sale is a Kemper powerack with remote. This unit is immaculate and comes with tons of amp packs. Incredibly versatile and fairly easy to use. I hardly used it as im more of a plug and play type of person. It is top notch equipment and sounds amazing.
Amp packs
Chop Tones
James Stephenson
Keith Merrow
Lars Luettge
M Britt
M Wienstroner
Ola Englund
Peter Fischer
Tons Of Sinmix EVH Packs
STL Jon Northlane
STL Andy James
And Many More


Orionsbelt456":2gvelfwa said:
Just looking to sell as of now man. Thanks though!
No worries. figured it was worth a shot. good luck with the sale. that's a killer deal considering the profiles you're adding on there.