FSOT - Duncan Pickups (TB-6 Distortion, SHR1-n Hot Rails) - Price Drop Bump


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I have a pair of Duncan Hot Rail SHR-1n pickups (neck/middle, 4 conductor), and a Duncan TB-6 (Distortion... trem spaced... 4 conductor). All are black covers.

For the TB-6, I would like to trade outright for a Duncan TB-4 (JB) with all four conductor wires. Ideally the color is black but would consider creme/black.

For the SHR-1n's, I'm hoping to trade outright for a decent pair of neck/middle noiseless Strat pickups. I'm thinking DiMarzio Area pickups. Again, black is ideal but creme would be fine also.

If no trades are available, then I'm looking for the following (all prices include shipping... knock of $5 per pickup if you want to deal locally:)

Duncan TB-6 - $70 $60
Duncan SHR-1n (each:) $75 $65 each
Duncan SHR-1n (pair:) $140 $120)
All three pickups: $200 $170

The Hot Rails were stock in an old Jackson SL3 I used to own... which may be the reason they're not marked with the model name. I swapped those pickups with Bareknuckles and traded the JB that came with that guitar to a friend of mine for the Distortion. Kind of regret that trade now lol.

I'm located in the Chicago area so can meet if you want.

I'll ship them in the Bareknuckle box that their replacements came in along with requisite packaging, etc. I have a clean track record with deals on Rig Talk though it's been a while since I've needed to sell anything.

Let me know if any questions.


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