Greg/Walt from G.G.F.


Not sure if he was a member here or not....However I saw this over there and thought it relevant to post here.....
Steinmetzify is one of our bro's here that has been affected by this and I'm sure there's others here as well that were friends with him. Either way we lost a fellow guitarist and brother. Wish I would have known him, sounds like he was a pretty awesome dude.
I copied this from GuitarBilly from G.G.F.-

If you wish to help Greg's animal sanctuary please donate any amount through this link: ... IppHI50Gqw

Please consider donating to them. This sanctuary was Greg's biggest passion and I know first hand how incredibly difficult it is to run an animal sanctuary. Let Greg's legacy be exactly what he wanted it to be: the well being and safety of all animal especially those under his care.

Thank you.

Just wanted to bust this.

Greg/Walt was my guy. He was my boy.

For the Marines/prison/drugs.
He was my guy.

We hooked up over 10+ years ago over a gear trade.

My guy always kept that guitar and asked always what I thought abought keeping these pickups or that neck.

He was my man; aside from all he did for his family and his wife/kids he was all about the animals.

My man was ALL ABOUT the animals; there were cats and dogs and crocodiles and snakes and penguins and all of that.

He didn’t care.

He taught me about being that guy; about being the person that didn’t have to hurt people and didn’t have to get enraged when someone said something.

Greg was a guy that I could relate to; prison, military and drugs.

Been there..done all of that, he spit it to me and made me the guy I am today.

I appreciate this man, I love you Greg.

Thanks man.

I’ll see you on the next plane, save some of what you’re smoking for me.

I miss you man, and I love you.

I’ll see you soon, just not soon enough to suit me.
@Steinmetzify R.I.P. to your bro Greg/Walt

PS: I just read what you wrote over on GGF on March 7th. That was super touching. I know this is hard for you. He probably didn't want you to know because he was afraid you'd talk him out of. I know that sucks to read - maybe I'm wrong. I am not a suicide expert. I feel really bad for you man. ❤️ 🖤❤️🖤
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