Ground Zero Amplification modded JCM 800 "MOAB"


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This is one of Jeremy's latest mods. Donor is a 1983 JCM 800 2203. Jose style, negative feedback, depth, hi/lo gain modes, fx loop added, diode clipping in/out controlled via potentiometer. This is more "modern" sounding vs the Hellion, not as versatile but gets down to business. Huge sounding, full frequency responsiveness, tight, fast attack, punchy, and aggressive. Les Paul straight into the amp, sm57 on V30, no post processing.


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Here’s some pics of another one I just got done with today. It’s really simple. Yet really covers a wide range of tones.

Both amps in this thread are 2203’s. I’ll be doing a 2204 with this mod soon.





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That sounds fantastic man. Love the main riff, that minor chord you drop down to for one lower note and the open chords shine so good on this mod. Great job bro😎