Happy Turkey Day bros! Triple rec + my new Fortin TS9 = drumjam fuckery 🤘


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It's been a busy ass few months. It was nice to leave work early today and come home to find my fortin moded ts9 arrived. First thing I did was hook it up to my triple rec + ps100 + GGD Cali cab. I think I like it better than my fortin modded od9. Anyway, cheers guys! Glad to be off the next few days and can't wait to feed on some turkey n shit :cheers:



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i cant listen yet, i planned on trying to participate in this one and if i hear everyone elses itll skew my writing :LOL:


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
Hope you have a great day and weekend with family and friends. And if you find yourself alone or down, grab the guitar and enjoy that friend that’s always there!!

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Fucking errrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllll!!!!!!!! :rock:
Cool clip man! Sounds super thick and still has a nice clank to it.
The sweet spot of the TS9’s drive is at 9 o’clock, try it.
I also prefer the Fortin TS9 to the 808. The 808 is more raw and aggressive in the mids and sounds great, but its just too damn hot and noisy imo.


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Thx Errrrl, always love the sonic brutality bro😎
Happy Thanksgiving u dogs.
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