Has anyone used an RJM PBC to channel switch a PT-100?


I've been doing my channel switching with other amps using a multi pin cable from an RG-16. It's super easy to program and save. I know the MIDI input on the PT100 doesn't act in the same way (though I wish the amp did have a multi pin switching port and make my life easier.). I am seriously looking at a PT100 after demoing a friends for a few weeks. I can dial that Blue channel in to give me the most incredible version of AC/DC I have ever gotten. The midrange is voiced perfectly. I'd hate to buy a multi channel amp just to leave it on blue channel even though it will live there for the most part. I'm pretty basic with my use of MIDI. I line up all my device presets and change them with PC changes.

Is the PBC, with or without the editor, somewhat easy to change channels on the amp?