Bring back the Billy Blades and Charvel Dans of the world.
Note that Dan hasn't complained about being spoken about after being bant and accused the super mod of being an asshole by allowing such discussion. :student:

Something I wish I could say for the latest member of that club. :dunno:
I used to post on the forums back in the day, it was like the Wild West. I miss it, some of the videos I used to watch I can no longer find.
I shipped a guitar to a member there back in 2006 or so. He kept stalling my payment. Then wouldn’t answer my emails, phone calls. So I ratted him out to the forum. A guy said he knew him. Said he’s been playing my SG for 3 weeks! Said I’ll go over to his house tonight after work and get your money and kick his ass if necessary. Next day he posts a pic with my guitar, says…dude I got it from him, I’m mailing you a check today And I’m keeping it. 4 days later……money in hand.
This is vintage HC rolled up into one post.