Hermansson has arrived!


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Nice collection of amps you got there. I haven't heard a single clip I disliked on any of his mods. I would love for him to work on my Recto but man thats a far trek back and forth and makes me nervous. Congrats on a modern collectable piece!


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2004 Rev. G Triple. I have parts to do the Rev. C mod but I need to get new power tubes first. If I don't like the Rev C mod, I may seriously consider even more so sending the amp to him.
That would be cool af . He’s so busy getting his line ready that waiting after you do that will be good timing


Hermansson is the one person who can modify a Recto and make me itch to have one. Not to mention, his modded Marshalls are nothing but pure fire. I've actually though about buying an amp in Europe and have it sent to him to mod and then on to me here in the States once finished.

An amp I'd love for him to try modding is a JVM 410H.


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He is also an honest man. We decided it was best for him to source an amp for me in EU, since shipping from the US there would be too much.
Not only he found a very fair priced one, but his choice of donor amp for the mod was perfect.
The whole transaction could have not been better.