Hetfield is "insecure" and needs hugs


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this is fucking terrible. the almighty thrash god up there crying the fucking blues. i was gonna buy the metallica whisky thinking id drink it and feel bad ass like hetfield in 86 or something but now im afraid ill drink it and order a coloring book.



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I tried to suffer through Some Kind of Monster on Netflix and it hit me the same way. I stopped watching that or I’d never be able to listen to them again.


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Yeah, he needs to suck it up and keep his mouth shut like we all do every day. I don’t feel sorry in any way for this guy. He has no idea what the average Joe deals with every day. Agreed with the comment above about the Monster movie. Embarrassing. Jeezuz.


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Everyone feels insecure at times....part of life. I saw this a week or so ago and thought similar thoughts...He is worth $300million, boo hoo. But, maybe(speculating), look home many crew members, band members, family, etc depend on him for a certain image, down picking monster, and it can be a lot of pressure in that aspect. But I wouldn't have carried it out to the stage...that's me personally.


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Everybody knows that Real Manly Men walk around flexed up like douches at the gym with Imaginary Lat Syndrome, barking like dogs to everybody who will listen about how big and bad they are, never admitting to being anything less than perfect, constantly feeling like they've got something to prove to the world and being afraid to be revealed for what they really are, always keeping that wall up, and otherwise never having actual human thoughts. Yep, that definitely sounds like a "real man" to me. Btw, women especially go for that type of guy too and definitely can't see right through it a mile away. Definitely.

You know what actual masculinity is? Freedom. It's the freedom of doing and saying whatever you want and realizing that whatever it is, it's fine and it's masculine because it's you doing it, and you yourself are masculine. The dude has the balls to admit his faults and worries to an open crowd of that many people because he's got nothing to prove to anybody and he knows he's top shit, whether or not their music sucks now (it does). But he's still fronting the biggest metal band of all time. I think it would be funny to see just about any one of you guys in this forum stand on stage in front of 60,000 people and say anything, much less something that personal.

Also, I'd like to read the rest of the article but it's behind a paywall.
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Why are people so critical of celebrities showing their human side? He's gotta have a lot of pressures being the downpicking master, fronting the biggest metal band of all time and pushing 60 years old and all... I don't think he can play quite as fast as he used to and it probably bothers him. Nothing wrong with showing a little emotion.