How about them Waza headphone shits?


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I keep getting these single dose fill-in gigs and instead of lugging a laptop and small interface to learn/brush up on songs, I was thinking about those Waza wireless headphones. Any of you guys try them? How’s the latency? Being able to Bluetooth stream from my phone and play along to things is mostly what I’m after. I don’t expect the best tones in the world or anything, but assuming it’s the same as Katana modeling it should be more than usable for me. Kinda pricy compared to Amplugs and such. Worth it? All the YT demos are the typical shills, I trust firsthand comments from you guys more.


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The latency is not too bad, actually. The tones aren’t the greatest but they’re doable. I wish it had more EQ flexibility. Make sure to turn off the gyroscopic 3d thingy, whatever it’s called, it doesn’t work for shit. I mostly use the Waza so I can play in the park when it’s nice out, I use my phone’s Bluetooth to pull up songs I have on SoundCloud and play along.


I have the waza and I really like it. It's great for sitting on the couch and practicing running scales, noodling around, makes a really really good practice tool. Is it going to sound as good as my amps I have in my recording ? no. But it does the job it's intended to do. It's nice that you can do the Bluetooth streaming and wood shed with it on and not be disturbing the entire house.