How many Marshall straight/1960Bs were made vs slant/1960A?


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That's why the straights are so much more desirable.

B/C you can't find them.

I'd trade half of my junk for another 90s blue 1960AV.


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Straights sound better and what I always used to record plus IMO look better.

Slants to me are better for live use because of the slant can always monitor yourself when all else fails. Never cared for the look but was always my main live 4x12.


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No one using full stacks these days. Always went for angled myself, it looks better with the head on top, better at hearing your sound angled up at your ears, less awkward to carry by yourself etc..
I’ve had a couple straights over the years and they didn’t last long.
They sound like they do because the treble frequencies are more directional and travel past your knees with a straight cab.
And because the straight ones are a bit bigger. If you put the same speakers in a bigger cabinet you always will have more bass than in a smaller cab. And for people like me (with hearing damage) it's better to stand in front of a straight cab because (like you said) the sound won't be projected right to your ears...


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They definitely sound different. I think if you're sticking a mic up close the best sounding speaker is from a straight. In the room I tend to like the more warm and midrangey slants. But that might sound too honky for those that love straights.